Case study: Oil refinery up and running during an emergency

Oil refineries fuel our world and fundamentally impact our lives, from the cars we drive to the trucks, trains and ships that move the products of global labor. When they’re down, people lose jobs, gas and commodity prices spike and entire supply chains are put at risk. In October 2013, a fire put a major… Read more »

Enterprising kids ply toilet paper arcade game to help local police

On a recent warm Saturday in suburban St. Louis, a pair of brothers stood outside their home flagging down passers-by, selling them the chance to win rolls of toilet paper from an arcade-style claw machine. It looked a lot like capitalism in the COVID-19 era—at least until you saw the fine print. And that fine… Read more »

Case study: Preserving growth potential for a gas system manufacturer

It seems simple: You order raw materials from a supplier and the supplier delivers what you ordered. And if you’re required to follow approved manufacturer lists (AMLs), you share that information with the supplier. If the supplier says it can meet those requirements, it ought to meet them. It seems simple, but it’s not. And… Read more »

Leading on purpose (excerpt from PHCP Pros)

“Celebrating its 25th anniversary in business, American Piping Products follows a unique corporate concept of shared prosperity.” Company President Matt Danis was the subject of a feature article published by PHCP Pros, a plumbing, heating, cooling and piping trade publication. Danis discussed American Piping Products’ commitment to shared success. An excerpt from the article is… Read more »