Working hard, playing hard — Annual National Sales Meeting 2016

On June 3, 2016, American Piping Products put on its annual National Sales Meeting for 27 sales team members from across the U.S.

Hosted in St. Louis, Missouri, the event kicked off with a motivational speech from Army Ranger Jack Senneff at Washington University’s Charles F. Knight Executive Education & Conference Center.

With breakout sessions to foster idea exchange and continuous improvement, the team then got to work brainstorming marketing ideas, uncovering company strengths and weaknesses and developing sales goals to set the course for company sales efforts. Takeaways from the sales team are a crucial element of continuous improvement within American Piping Products.

“The focus of the American Piping Products Annual Sales Meeting is continuing education, fostering idea exchange, raising our sales performance and having fun,” said Matt Danis, President of American Piping Products. “Over the course of a day at Washington University, we set new customer service goals, shared technical updates and listened to experts across of range of topics.”

Following a full day of learning, the team took the playing field.

“As we are competitive group, we ended the day with an intense game of kickball,” Danis said.

In the evening, the team made its way downtown for a summer classic, taking in a St. Louis Cardinals game from box seats.

“All in all, another great day at American Piping Products,” Danis said.