Why we use a pipe profiler at American Piping Products

Profilers allow fabricators and manufacturers to use mechanized processing, saving precious time and resources that would otherwise be spent on hand processing. Without mechanized pipe profiling machines, getting the right cut is a long, labor-intensive process requiring highly trained, expensive welders. They have to handle the pipe, lay out a pattern on the steel per a drawing and then hand cut the tracing on the steel. Pipe profiling machines take care of this process so these skilled craftsmen can spend their time in fit-up and assembly, greatly increasing efficiency for fabricators and OEM’s.

The pipe profiler was originally designed to help fabricators who need a constantly changing mixture of parts. Many fabricators have their own machines, but their machines also have set schedules and limited capacity. At American Piping Products, we have invested in a pipe profiler so we can handle one-off sections for fabricators who don’t want to break their machine’s schedule or use hand processing.

Our pipe profiler

We chose the Vernon Pipe Cutting Machine, model 0224MPM-5. It’s a top-end model that can cut a wide variety of pipe and make life a lot easier for pipe fabricators who use our services.

Here are some of its capabilities:

  • The profiler is a 5-axis model that will cut holes with bevels on the inside.
  • It can process 2” to 30” pipe at the fastest speed in the industry.
  • The Vernon’s 41’ feed conveyor processes double random length pipe.
  • The conveyor handles material up to 500 lb/foot and 20,000 lb/piece.
  • The oxy/fuel torch head offers a clean cut through 4” thick material, allowing us to confidently cut bevels and angles.

Why the Vernon Pipe Cutting Machine?

There are two broad types of torch cutting in the market, Plasma and Oxy. Both have their benefits and limitations. At American Piping Products, we chose Oxy because we cut a large range of wall thicknesses, and this torch can cut up to 4” thick material. That’s twice the thickness that Plasma technology can cut, but at a much slower speed than plasma. Since we serve a wide variety of customers and process unexpected, after-hours orders, we chose flexibility over speed.

Profiling machines that can cut with 5-axis capability can make complicated parts, e.g., when bevels are needed inside the openings cut into the pipe. We have a 5-axes machine that handles 2”– 30” pipe, allowing American Piping Products to meet the needs of OEM companies that require complicated assembly parts. The CNC programing of our profiler also gives us the ability to replicate these parts at a later date, as an OEM requires.

More pipe profiling specs and additional services

Our profiler works well with steel over .25” in thickness but does not do stainless or light wall parts normally processed by CNC lasers. Our machine handles tubular shapes, not plate or structural shapes. But we do offer extra services if they help our customers get the piping products they need. We offer blasting, heat treating, coating, galvanizing and drop shipping if that is what our customers need for their supply chain.

To learn more about our pipe cutting services, visit our services page or contact one of our piping products experts.