Torch beveling for welding: an added value every pipe supplier should provide

Great service from your pipe supplier can come in many different forms, whether it’s offering custom miter cuts or providing fast, efficient delivery on a perfectly loaded truck. But all the miter cuts and quickly shipped steel pipe in the world won’t help if you can’t properly weld them together.

Torch beveling is an almost essential service every steel pipe supplier should provide its customers. Steel pipe with a 14” OD (outside diameter) or greater can be torch beveled to create a nice, plumb fit for a clean weld later, as well as deburring for safety and aesthetic reasons.

Below is an example of the process we go through when American Piping Products torch bevels a pipe. The actual setting up of our torch beveler and the journey it makes around the pipe as it cuts takes some time, so we’ve sped up the procedure as you’ll see when you watch.

Once the gas valves are closed and the cutting is completed, all slag and flaking is cleaned off the new edge while the machine returns to it start position. The beveler is then removed from the pipe, and the bevel is inspected for any defects that might affect welding.

Our torch beveling service is just another way American Piping Products provides added value with every order of steel pipe. If you are choosing or switching pipe suppliers, take a moment to consider all the ways American Piping Products can assist you with your steel pipe needs.