Shipping perfectly loaded steel pipe by the truckload quickly

Take a look at the photo of the flatbed truck below. When you’ve got several different types of steel pipe in various sizes and cuts loaded correctly and ready to hit the road, it can be a pretty impressive sight. But how long would you guess it takes to load a truck with an order like that?


Forty-five minutes. From the moment our crews here at American Piping Products got the order, it took just forty-five minutes to collect, stack, and safely secure all of that steel pipe. You may call that incredible, but we call it efficiency, and every order we take is filled the exact same way.

When you contact us about a pipe order, we understand you’re facing a deadline that you can’t progress toward until you get what you need. That’s why we’ve used all of our years of experience to create a process that enables us to supply steel pipe and fittings to our customers as quickly as possible. Less waiting on your end means more time to provide the quality work your clients expect.

And once your shipment has left our facility, you’ll receive an accurate accounting of every piece of pipe headed your way before the shipment even arrives. With that paperwork in hand, you’ll be ready to expedite the off-loading of your goods and get them where they need to be quickly and easily the moment the truck gets to you. That’s just our way of helping save even more time, time you need to get the job at hand done.

When you combine fast, efficient truckload deliveries with a huge inventory of steel pipe, custom pipe-cutting ability, and exemplary customer service, the only answer for your pipe supplying needs is American Piping Products. Click over to our contact page and let us know what you need shipped to your company or job site today.