Carbon equivalency calculations made easy

Sometimes you need to figure out carbon equivalents fast, especially when you’re under a time crunch to get a pipe order in. That’s why American Piping Products is proud to offer its free online Carbon Equivalent Calculator to all those needing quick answers while at your desk or out in the field.

A successful and secure weld depends on knowing the combined relationship of the alloying elements to the carbon in the steel pipe you’re using. This relationship (CE) helps the welders or engineers know if preheating or other processes are required for a quality connection. Our Carbon Equivalent Calculator helps you to quickly determine the answer by allowing you to enter the percentages of the different alloys that make up the steel pipe and receive a CE value with just a click of the Calculate button.

“Offering customers solutions to their problems is critical for our company’s growth,” said Walter Lucas, Vice President of Material Management at American Piping Products. “Answers make our customer’s jobs easier. This online calculator, along with our other online resources, brings value to our customers.”

Our Carbon Equivalent Calculator is a fantastic addition to the collection of online tools from American Piping Products. Visit and bookmark our CEQ Calculator today, and let American Piping Products find the right pipe for your project.