American Piping Products rapidly mobilizes to supply critical pipe during emergency

A major domestic refiner operates 24-7 to produce a broad range of refined products, including gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and asphalt. Like other refineries, the facility can lose millions if knocked offline for even a day. When their fluid catalytic cracking unit (FCCU) went down, they could no longer convert less valuable crude oils to gasoline, olefins and other valuable gases. Since the FCCU is a critical component that must run 24 hours per day, this after-hours call was a full-scale emergency.

After hours on a Monday, their primary material supplier turned to American Piping Products to supply chrome-moly piping so they could bring the FCCU back online. One of the only distributors to stock the component and offer rapid-response service, we instantly mobilized our management, Houston warehouse operations and QA. From taking their order and cutting pipe to length to arranging air freight, we had the component out of our warehouse within 44 minutes. The material shipped overnight from our Houston warehouse and arrived at the refinery in just 16 hours time.

At American Piping Products, we offer the inventory, 24-7, rapid-response service and order management to supply piping materials for any emergency.