Supplying the impossible for a chemical plant

American Piping Products has proven its place once again as a leader in piping. Combining a world-class inventory with unmatched service, American Piping Products supplied a tough order in a way no one else could.

60" ID FlangeThe challenge: supplying special flanges on a limited schedule

A chemical plant in the midst of their crucial fall shut down period was in need of specialty piping products for their facility. The challenge was not only finding an uncommon product but also procuring it at the right time.

“Our customer was not having any luck sourcing these large flanges anywhere else with a delivery that would fit the customers schedule until they called us, ” said Kevin Koehler, Managing Director of American Piping Products.

The supply solution

American Piping Products is furnishing special 60” ID Chrome Moly Steel Flanges to the chemical plant. The American Piping Products team responded quickly to the chemical plants’ needs, activating a rapid and extensive logistics network to supply the flanges on the plants’ crucial schedule.

60" ID Flange