PSL 1 vs. PSL 2 Spec Sheet

Grade rangeA25 through X70GR B through X80Table 1
Size range0.405 through 804-2/1 through 80Table 1
Type of pipe endsPlain-end, threaded-end, bevelled-end, special coupling pipePlain-endTable 1
Seam weldingAll methods continous welding limited to Grade A25All methods except continous and laser weldingTable 1
Electric welds: welder frequencyNo minimum100 kHz minimum5.
Heat treatments of electric weldsRequired for grades > X42Required for all grades (GR B through X80); J.3.3.2:6.2.7
Chemistry: max C for seamless pipe0.28% for grades > Gr B0.24%Tables 2A, 2B
Chemistry: max C for welded pipe0.26% for grades > Gr B0.22%Tables 2A, 2B
Chemistry: max P0.03%0.03%Tables 2A, 2B
Chemistry: max SOnly when purchases specifies SR180.02%Tables 2A, 2B
Carbon equivalentNoneMaximum required for each grade4.2:4.3:6.1.3: SR15.1
Yield strength, maximumNoneMaximum for each gradeTables 3A, 3B
UTS, maximumNone requiredMaximum for each gradeTables 3A, 3B
Fracture toughnessOnly when purchaser specifies SR4Required for all grades6.2.6; 9.3.5: 9.8.4; 9.10.7;
Non-destructive inspection of seamless pipesPermittedSR4 mandatoryTable 14
Repare by welding of pipe body, plate and skelpPermitted by agreementProhibited5.3.2;9.7.6: B.1;B.2
CertificationCertificates when specified per SR15Prohibited4.3;;9.7.6;B.1.2;B.4
TraceabilityTraceable only until all tests are passed unless SR15 is specifiedCertificates (SR15.1) mandatory
Traceable after completion of tests (SR15.2) mandatory

*PSL1 & PSL2 requirements are given in the latest edition of API 5L specifications