American Piping Products stocks A672 EFW pipe in the grades and classes listed on the following tables:
Plate specification
Pipe gradeType of steelASTM specification
A 45plain carbonA285 / A285MA
A50plain carbonA285 / A285MB
A 55plain carbonA285 / A285MC
B 60plain carbon, killedA515 / A515M60
B 65plain carbon, killedA515 / A515M65
B 70plain carbon, killedA515 / A515M70
C 55plain carbon, killed, fine grainA516 / A516M55
C 60plain carbon, killed, fine grainA516 / A516M60
C 65plain carbon, killed, fine grainA516 / A516M65
C 70plain carbon, killed, fine grainA516 / A516M70
D 70manganese-silicon, normalizedA537 / A537M1
D 80manganese-silicon, Q&TAA537 / A537M2
H 75manganese-molybdenum, normalizedA302 / A302MA
H 80manganese-molybdenum, normalizedA302 / A302MB, C or D
J 80manganese-molybdenum, Q&TA533 / A533MCl-1B
J 90manganese-molybdenum, Q&TA533 / A533MCl-2B
J 100manganese-molybdenum, Q&TA533 / A533MCl-3B
K 75chromium-manganese-siliconA202 / A202MA
K 85chromium-manganese-siliconA202 / A202MB
L 65molybdenumA204 / A204MA
L 70molybdenumA204 / A204MB
L 75molybdenumA204 / A204MC
N 75manganese-siliconA299 / A299M
AQ&T = quenched and tempered
BAny grade may be furnished
ClassHeat treatment of pipeRadiographyPressure test
20stress relievednono
21stress relievedyesno
22stress relievedyesyes
23stress relievednoyes
40normalized and temperednono
41normalized and temperedyesno
42normalized and temperedyesyes
43normalized and temperednoneyes
50quenched and temperednonenone
51quenched and temperedyesnone
52quenched and temperedyesyes
53quenched and temperednoneyes


This specification covers steel pipe 16 inches in outside diameter or larger that is electric fusion welded (EFW) with filler metal added, fabricated from pressure vessel quality plate and suitable for high-pressure service at moderate temperatures. Several grades designate the type of plate used; classes designate the type of heat treatment performed during the manufacture of the pipe, whether the weld is radiographically examined, and if the pipe has been pressure tested.

Chemical composition

Product analysis of plate: The pipe manufacturer shall make an analysis of each mill heat of plate material. The product analysis shall meet the requirements of the plate specification to which the material was ordered.

Product analysis of weld: The pipe manufacturer shall make an analysis of the finished deposited weld material from each 500 feet or fraction thereof. Analysis shall conform to the welding procedure for deposited weld metal.

Heat treatment

Classes 10, 11, 12 and 13 are not heat treated. All other classes must be heat treated according to the parameters shown below:

Heat treatment parametersA
Pipe gradeBSpecification and gradeCPost-weld heat treatment temperature range °F (°C)Normalizing temperature, max, °F (°C)Quenching temperature, max, °F (°C)Tempering temperature, min, °F (°C)
A 45A285A1100-1250 (590-680)1700 (925)
A 50A285B1100-1250 (590-680)1700 (925)
A 55A285C1100-1250 (590-680)1700 (925)
B 60A515-601100-1250 (590-680)1750 (950)
B 65A515-651100-1250 (590-680)1750 (950)
B 70A515-701100-1250 (590-680)1750 (950)
C 55A516-551100-1250 (590-680)1700 (925)1650 (900)1200 (650)
C 60A516-601100-1250 (590-680)1700 (925)1650 (900)1200 (650)
C 65A516-651100-1250 (590-680)1700 (925)1650 (900)1200 (650)
C 70A516-701100-1250 (590-680)1700 (925)1650 (900)1200 (650)
D 70A537-11100-1250 (590-680)1700 (925)
D 80A537-21100-1250 (590-680)1650 (900)1200 (650)
H 75A302-A1100-1250 (590-680)1800 (980)1100 (590)
H 80A302-B, C or D1100-1250 (590-680)1800 (980)1100 (590)
J 80A533-C11C1100-1250 (590-680)1800 (980)1100 (590)
J 90A533-C12C1100-1250 (590-680)1800 (980)1100 (590)
J 100A533-C13C1100-1250 (590-680)1800 (980)1100 (590)
K 75A202A1100-1250 (590-680)
K 85A202B1100-1250 (590-680)
L 65A204A1100-1200 (590-650)
L 70A204B1100-1200 (590-650)
L 75A204C1100-1200 (590-650)
N 75A2991100-1200 (590-650)1700 (925)

AWhere ellipses (…) appear in this table, there is no requirement.

BNumbers indicate minimum tensile strength in ksi.

CAny grade may be used.

Permissible Variations in Wall Thickness and Weight

Dictated by the requirements of the specification to which the manufacturer ordered the plate.

Permissible Variations in Outside Diameter

Based on circumferential measurement +/-0.5% of the specified outside diameter.

Reference documents

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