Sales Representative Tim Quigley talks about selling steel pipe for American Piping Products

How long have you been with American Piping Products?Tim Quigley

5+ years.

In your opinion, what makes a successful sales representative?

Be proud of what you sell and enjoy every sale, the large deals and the smaller ones, too.

What are some of the challenges you face when selling piping products? How do you attempt to overcome them?

Supply and demand, of course. My esteemed colleagues here do a great job of keeping product coming into our yards. Not an easy task when some specialty items take up to six months to get in our hands.

What goes into your pitch when you’re trying to sell pipe to a potential new customer?

Oh, that is highly confidential. I can say getting to know your potential customer is key. If you take the time to ask what they do, then you can help them more effectively.

What’s the most popular type of pipe? What are some other services that APP provides customers that help make it unique?

We move a lot of carbon, chrome moly, and low-temp carbon pipes every day. We’re seeing a rise in 4130 alloy, too. APP can cut, bevel, and have holes profiled in steel pipe for our customers as well.

What’s your favorite thing about being a sales representative for APP?

Our owners like to empower the sales force to grow the business. Having so many veterans here at APP to learn from also helps me to accomplish my goals.

What makes American Piping Products stand out from other pipe suppliers?

We respect our customers and go above and beyond for them at all levels. Whether it is sales, purchasing, support, logistics, accounting, or yard processing, we have employees in every area that work extremely hard every minute of the day.

What’s your favorite April Fools Day joke?

In high school, I put a good friend’s name in the obituaries and stated that he died in a freak unicycle accident. Seemed funny at the time.

What kinds of activities are you looking forward to doing now that it’s Spring?

My wife and I have four daughters under the age of ten. When you spend a long winter season living with five women, ANY activity outdoors sounds good.