From our Philadelphia office, meet Executive Vice President Kevin Koehler

kevin-koehler-american-piping-productsHow long have you been involved in the pipe business?

Since I graduated from college.

What is your role at American Piping Products?

My title is Executive Vice President and I’m involved in sales, purchasing and management. We have a great “team” feeling at APP, in that we all work to “get her done”.

Describe the industry as a whole. Where is it going?

I think it is exciting and always changing. I still learn something every day. With renewable energy resources being developed almost daily, I think APP is well prepared to take on the new projects our future brings.

What is the biggest obstacle people are facing in your industry?

Meeting deadlines will always be our biggest obstacle. There are many steps to supplying material that most customers don’t understand. It is always my goal to meet the customers deadlines on deliveries but we’re often at the mercy of the steel mills and logistical constraints. It’s truly a “work of art” to work a job from start to finish, and we have a lot a good “painters” here at APP!

What isn’t on your resume that separates you from others in this field?

I usually get to the office by 7:00 AM and work right through the lunch hour and head to the house by 5:30 PM daily to have dinner with the family. A well-balanced work and home life has served me well.

What is your most significant professional accomplishment?

Without a doubt, being part of the APP team since almost the beginning and helping it grow from a $10 million/year company to $200 million/year company. I don’t think many people in any industry can say they helped grow a business “organically” to the extent we have here. The best part is, this is only the tip of the iceberg. We have plenty of growth ahead of us.

What are your favorite pastimes?

Traveling, skiing, hiking, fishing. Anything outdoors.

What five people would you invite to a dinner party?

Douglas MacArthur, George Patton, John Wayne, Margaret Thatcher, and what would a good party be without Jack Nicholson!

Three best movies of all time?


Full Metal Jacket


Do you have a hero or mentor? Who is it?

I would say my father. Wasn’t a man of many words, but taught me through his work habits, what loyalty, dedication, and hard work were all about.

What celebrity do people say you resemble?

Rick Rossovich, “Slider” from Top Gun.