ASTM A106 grade B Seamless Pressure Pipe (ASME SA106) is used in power plants, boilers, petrochemical plants, oil and gas refineries, and ships where the piping must transport fluids and gases that exhibit high pressures and temperatures.
At American Piping Products, we distribute pipe that meets the latest chemistry standards from ASME.

We stock the full range of ASTM A106 grade B (ASME SA106 grade B):

  • NPS ¼” to 30” diameter
  • Schedules 10 through 160, STD, XH and XXH
  • Schedules 20 through XXH
  • Wall Thickness beyond XXH, including:
- Up to 4” wall in 20” through 24” OD
- Up to 3” wall in 10” through 18” OD
- Up to 2” wall in 4” through 8” OD

* Special note for Customers: Due to changes in A106 versus SA106, please indicate if you specifically need SA106 on your Purchase order. See changes in allowable chemistry on the A/SA106 Spec sheet.

Please note that ASTM International, formerly known as the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), is not in agreement with ASME regarding the specifications for grade B seamless pressure pipe. ASTM A106 grade B pipe and ASME SA 106 grade B pipe now have different specification ranges for acceptable proportions of Manganese.

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